Friday, December 15, 2006

Lucia Morning

I apologize for the long pause in my those few loyal readers. On December 13th we celebrated St. Lucia Day for the second year in a row. This is a Swedish tradition we celebrate because although my parents were both born in the U.S. all 4 of my grandparents immigrated from Sweden when they were young adults and met and married in the states . On Sancta Lucia Day the oldest daughter dresses in a white gown, red sash and a crown of candles (ours were battery operated) and lingonberry leaves(ours were plastic). She brings Lussekater buns (we just used cinnamon rolls), pepperkauker (ginger snaps) and drink to those in the house early in the morning. There is a legend about Sancta Lucia who brought food to the starving and it celebrates that the days will soon start to grow longer instead of shorter...a celebration of light.
We added a few special touches of our own. We decided to make it the day we put lights on our christmas tree and decorate it. It helped celebrate the light theme even more. Lastly we tried this special drink that is part of the tradition...Glogg. I wasn't terribly impressed. Tim said it tasted like grape juice. with a kick. I disagreed. I like grape juice.
Elisabeth loves being our Santa Lucia and she makes a beautiful Saint.