Monday, May 01, 2006


Today is the first day of the month of May. This is my favorite month of the year. That is because this is the month I (and I assume Tim as well...I hope...) celebrate the meeting and marrying of Tim Stanley and Kristin Sandberg. Every year I get senimental and read my journal entrees of those early days. Our time together has been happy and something to celebrate.

We met May 7th, 1995..then again on May 10th. We went on our first date May 13th and many more followed that one. We started dating more seriously on May 29th We were married May 11th the following year. That makes this year our 10th anniversary! These 10 years have been the best 10 years of my life. Tim has something special planned and I can't wait. He always puts so much thought into these special days. (a little of the reason these have been such great years)

My part has been to wean Sam at least enough so we can leave him with our friends over night. So far he is being very stubborn and is pretty unhappy with a bottle or sippy cup. He has had a few second thoughts about it when we fill it with melted vanilla ice cream or chocolate milk, but these second thoughts don't last very long.

My baby is growing up!

Sam just turned 1 on April 28th and weaning does not appear in the near future. His attitude about it appears to be . "If you are weaning me..that makes you the weaner and me the weanie and I want nothing to do with such things." He just started crawling quite proficiently this weekend. That is pretty fun. He seems to be enjoying the freedom it gives him. Much like a 16 year old with his new drivers license. Just watching him sleep in his crib it is appearent he is no longer an infant, No more snug little bundles. He is sprawled out in his crib...blanket far from him. His favorite sleeping position right now is folded if he fell asleep sitting up.