Thursday, April 30, 2009

Milestones Part II

Ironically I had a blog entry eerily similar to this one in March. Last time it was Lincolns birthday and Elisabeth learning to ride her bike in the same week. This time it was Sam's birthday on Tuesday and Lincoln learned to ride his bike today. Tim thinks it might have something to do with desperatly wanting attention equal to the birthday child.

This time I got to witness the maiden voyage. How exciting it is to watch your kid learn something new that will bring them so much enjoyment and self-confidence. I missed Elisabeth's first ride because I was knocked out sick. I got to call Tim and tell him the exciting news.

I can't believe Sam is 4 either. He recieved his wish of everything yellow, except some presents were other colors of the rainbow but I think he forgave us for that.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Commitment Issues

Lincoln has a new "girlfriend". He has had her as a friend for a while but yesterday he told me the following.
Lincoln: Mindy (name changed to protect the innocent) plays with me at recess every day.
Kristin: Well, thats nice isnt it? To have someone to play with at recess?
Lincoln: NO! It's annoying. She does it EVERY day!
He may have that "come hither" look in his school picture but he also asks that you don't get clingy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Portraits

As their Mom, I know I am slightly biased, but I thought their spring school pictures were particulary good this year. I wish the scanned image was as good as the original but you can still get the idea.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'll Show You Mine Part II: The Ocean of Laundry

My defense is , I had guests at the time and didn't want to spend hours in my bedroom catching up on folding the laundry. I have since caught up. I just wanted to share with anyone out there who might think they are the only one. Noone else has to share. I understand not everyone wants to show their laundry over the internet, even if it is clean. Last time all I got was my sister-in-law who took a picture of her clean kitchen! Thanks Rebekah!!!!! :)

I have decided house work is like surfing. Or how I imagine surfing. I have never actually surfed. I can't even swim, which doesn't speak well for this particular post.
There are those moments or even days when I feel elation, I am on top of it, riding the wave and I feel great. I wonder how I got up there and how I can stay. But I know in the back of my mind it can't possibly last. I will have to come crashing down again. There is always that inevidable wipe out. Most of the time I am swimming in an ocean of housework that has somehow piled up again around me, as I wonder how the heck I got on that past wave and how I can do it again.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Every Grey Cloud Has a Silver Lining

I have to admit the lego incident has had one positive result. Somehow, next to that, potty training doesn't seem so bad. I have been dealing with it (It=Sam, wearing underwear during the day) two days now, clean-ups and all and I think I have reached that point where it is worth it to me to grit my teeth and bear it. It will get worse before it gets better, but I think I am just going to push on through it. The trecherous path of underwear, with lots of unpleasent accidents is the only way I am going to get to that glorious pasture of no more diaper changing. I hope it doesn't take 9 months this time. . . . Please??

Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Advertisment for Lysol

Finding out that your cats have been marking your kids legos. . . . horrifying!
Your sister-in-law being the one to discover it PRICELESS!!!!!
At least now I know, that is ANOTHER thing we need to be checking.
I am not pleased with cats right now....UGH!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the New

Last summer Tim got Lasik/PRK surgery and it was the end of glasses for him. With headaches and clumsiness, this winter, it was brought to our attention that Joe might need glasses. After an eye exam we found out that indeed he does. So far it seems he only needs them for reading the black board, but who knows...he says stores are kind of weird because there is so much he can't see. Here are his cool new glasses. He is excited and Elisabeth and I are jealous. When I was a kid I always wanted glasses, and I am not sure I have grown out of that. Tim assures me it isn't worth it.