Thursday, September 17, 2009

Politics Don't Belong in Art

Some people say it is scary that Obama is trying to get in their kid's class rooms by meeans of speaches aimed directly at them. I have my issues about those issues, but even more I have an issue with Obama being in our family's art room. Every time I go in there I turn on the light and I see this. . . .
. . . and I scream! EVERY TIME!! Because I don't expect to see anyone in our artroom much less the President of the United States. What is he doing in there with the light off and the door closed besides? It makes me fear him . . How can I trust a man who is so secretive? I just hope he isn't brain washing my kids while they work on their crafts!!!
(If you are wondring why we have a cut out of Obama, it is because we used the podium part for Joes Presidential Birthday. . so now we have a 2 dimensional bust of Obama in our house. I am sure Joe will be able to come up with some pretty clever movies using it though.)