Monday, July 31, 2006


So many things my kids do and say crack me up. They get away with and struggle with things that grown-ups just don't.

When was the last time you were at a family gathering with all adults and one of them just falls off their chair in the middle of a conversation (assuming no one is drunk)?

When was the last time you saw a grown up stand up on a pew, looking back at the congregation and drinking a cup of milk. Or lying on the floor rolling under the pews?

When is the last time you hit your head on a door knob because you bumped into it as you walked out of your room?

As an adult you cant scream and cry at Walmart because things aren't going your way. Believe me...if it were acceptable I would scream and cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I am there. I envy my kids that they can express their frustrations more openly, while I just have to bottle them up inside and die just a little every time I am there.

My husband was holding our sleeping baby in Priesthood and the elder next to him said "remember when you could get away with that in church?" Then my son passed gas at that very moment. My husband replied "Remember when you could get away with THAT in church?"
In some ways, kids really do have the easy life.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Wit of Wiz . . .

Kristin added me as a contributor, so I better throw my two cents in.
All of our kids are wonderfully conversationalists, and have great alternative perceptions on the world around them. Elisabeth, in particular, has startled and amused me in the past couple of weeks.
The other day we were walking across the Shop-Ko parking lot. Elisabeth noticed a shaved ice stand on the other side of the lot. She asked innocently enough, “Dad, could we get some shaved ice?”
I replied, “You don’t really want shaved ice, do you Elisabeth? It is raining! Shaved ice
is best when it is hot and sunny.”
Elisabeth looked at me with a scowl that barely concealed what appeared to be a surprisingly mature decade of teenage angst.
“Dad,” she said, pausing dramatically before dispelling my ignorance, “SOME people just really like shaved ice!”

Elisabeth episode two:
Kristin had built a tasty make-shift treat for the kids---Fresh Strawberries and Vanilla yogurt---with a bit of granola bar crush up on the top. Elisabeth tasted it an asked Kristin, “Mom, what is this stuff called?”
Kristin replied, “It is kind of like a parfait.”
“You know what I think would be a better name?” Elisabeth flatly stated, “Yogurt and Strawberries of Goodness +2”
That’s my girl!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Swim Lessons for Lincoln

This year I have three kids in swim lessons. It is at 4:30pm (because I signed up so late) which is not a good time for Lincoln because he is either sleeping by then or grumpy because he hasn't taken a nap yet. I signed him up for Pre-school 2 which means he should be comfortable with the water. He has decided that this is his "I am afraid of the water" or "I am afraid of the teacheer" summer.

He usually is ok with people he doesn't know that well, and with water. I guess it is the combination of water and stranger that makes him sit on the side of the pool refusing to do anything the class is doing. The teacher keeps stretching his arms out to him, encouraging him to join. He just shakes his head and remains stubbornly on the side of the pool sucking his thumb and twisting his hair.

The first day of class I decided maybe I could help. I made it much worse and learned an embarresing lesson that day. So, I remain up in the observation room cringing every time he shakes his head at his teacher. If I had signed him up for the class he should be in, (the one where the kid is supposed to be afraid of the water) I wouldn't be half as embarressed or concerned.

I really should be more patient and understanding since I can't swim, This is because when my brothers learned to swim in their swim classes I freaked out and my mom couldn't bring herself to force me to do it anymore. So, I hope that by allowing him to sit there by the pool he is learning something. Maybe he is getting more comfortable and by the end of next week he will have made $35 worth of progress, even if it is all in his head. Next time I will sign him up for the morning and for preschool 1. To his credit, every day he goes willingly to the side of the pool and is excited for his class.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

10 Things I like about You!

1. He is thoughtful and seems to think before he acts or speaks
2. Sensitive to others feelings
3. Likes to learn new things,
4. Likes to teach others these new things
5. He is a good student, works hard and respects his teachers and peers
6. A good friend to his sister and to everyone in the family. A fun guy to have around.
7. A good example to his brothers and sister
8. Has broad and adventurous tastes in food
9.He wants to please his parents, he seems to honor and respect us.
10. He is a little reserved, but not too shy to play the piano for his school class or make new friends

1. She is all girl. she likes to play princess and dress up and loves the color pink
2. She can be one of the boys too
3. She is matronly and likes to take care of people, especially Sam
4. She is very affectionate and loveing, full of hugs, kisses and "I love you"s
5. She is artistic. She has an eye for design and color.
6. She is great company. I will often take her with me even if I don't have to..just because I want to.
7. She is a good friend and makes new ones easily
8. She loves to have fun and is full of smiles.
9. She is a great conversationalist. Loves to use big words
10. She is a drama queen. She isn't afraid to be the center of attention but admits to being shy too.

1. He is a prankster. He often has a mischevious gleam in his eye.
2. Life is a game, he likes to have fun doing whatever he does. When he is happy, he shows it very well.
3. He often thinks of the comfort and happiness of others
4. He is eager to be helpful and please others
5. He laughs easily
6. He is very determined when he wants things
7. He is independent but not too independent
8. He is a little dancer and comedian, he makes us laugh a lot
9. He is all boy with his love of cars and trains
10. He makes friends with others easily, old and young alike

1. He loves to adventure. With each step of independence he seems to relish in his new freedom
2. He has an adorable smile that comes often and easy.
3. He is very affectionate
4. He has interesting taste in food. Dislikes things all the other kids loved (bananaas and cheese) and likes things the other kids didn't (almost anything, but most specifically meat)
5. He likes to be held by other people making him fun for everyone
6. He is my only blond baby, a different color hair then any of my other kids....a change
7. He is cautious and careful
8. He is pretty happy anywhere we go. especially if we do anything outside of the house
9. He is an esecape artist and keeps us on our toes
10. He is a mild mannered, content, and easy kid