Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Weekend

I am taking a break from my New Mexico trip to talk about our great weekend.
Saturday we celebrated Joes birthday even though it is officially on Monday. Tim could not get off work that day and we really wanted him there.

Joe is really into Presidents of the United States so we gave him a presidential birthday. He had 4 friends invited and we had asked them to dress "professional"in shirts and ties . Each was given a blank envelope...each with a role in the "cabinet" of either Vice presient, Press Secretary, Chief of Staff or Head of the Secret Service. They also each received a water gun. They were all body guards too and they all played THAT part especially well.

The party was a surprise for Joe so when they all arrived, we sent them down to get Joe. He was surprised to see his friends. . all dressed up no less. They told him to get dressed up because they were there to help him run for President!

The schedule included, campaining with a poster and buttons that said "Vote Stanley : He loves Bananas, He loves America!" , making a campaign commercial, researching the opposition, in which they watched their opposition Amber Jayeng's (Joe's Aunt) campain commeercial and some other fun little clips.

Next was the debate. It turned out great. We had a visit from Tim's Grandma and Uncle Mark so Amber chose Uncle Mark as her running mate. He did a great job hamming it up. He referred to he and Amber as "The Maverick and I". Amber said that most candidates make big promises and don't deliver. She promised nothing and promised to deliver on that. She also promised to make the economy healthier by spending our money. Joe pointed out that it would be wiser to vote for him because he and his vice president were younger and they would live longer!

Next they were given some hints that might help them win from a secret source. Hints that pointed to Amber possibly being an Alien. These includeed pictures of her in a UFO, Roswell documents with her name on them...hints like Amber crying during all Alien movies. A press conference was held , releasing this information, and then someone tried to assassinate Joseph. Thankfully they were unsuccessful. Then there was an election. And guess what!? Joseph won!!!! He was sworn in by his Uncle Ben (a lawyer with a gavel and black graduation robe) along with his cabinet.

Then he gave his inaguration speech.

We had a birthday cake with an American flag that said "Hail to the Chief" It was a great party and we thank everyone who came and played roles. The kids played the press and cheering crowds and were also much appreciated.

Sunday was my Birthday. I was served breakfast in bread by the kids along with hugs which is always a treat. Later I was told to be able to open my presents I was to play Missionary.

I was to do a door approach and do a visit with the family but I had a pile of silly statements I had to work in to the conversation some how. Stuff like "Stretchy Pants" "I have a chicken in my pants" , " "Food Fight!", "I hear Amber is an alien" etc. It was quite the adventure. Then I was given my presents. They were all great including some beautiful black pearls from my in-laws. some movies, perfume, a book about FDR from Joe, chocolate, and some clothes. Later I was given an Edward T-shirt with his "Blue Steel "dark and brooding face....oooooooooohhhh. Thanks Ben and Rebekah!

Tim made orange chicken with veggies and rice for dinner and it was delicous. Then Tim started cleaning which told me one thing, more people are comeing. We had my brothers and sister in-law and tons of friends. It was a citrus theme with even yellow, orange and yellow balloons. Why? Beccause I love citrus anything. Tim made me a delicous grapefruit bundt cake.

He also made a frozen desert with vanilla icecream, orange sherbet and some kind of cream cheese type thing I have no idea what it is called but it was way good. Others brought clementines, ice cream, muffins and other yummy treats. I felt very loved and had a great time. I even got Citrus scented hand soap!!! Thanks to all who came! I missed those who couldn't. I love you all!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day 3: Missile Museum and White Sands

Today was another long day of driving but with more fun stops along the way. First we stopped at the White Sands Missile Museum. Very cool! There was an outdoor part with lots of missils, planes etc.

We had to walk in to the base the museum was in or they would have to search our van and with all the stuff in there...We thought we would give them a break.

The museum had some interesting things to see. My favorite was a former soldier's scrap book of pictures and description of life on base back in the 50s. I don't care so much about the missiles technology. I am more interested in what it was like to be there as a soldier I guess. There was also a Darth Vadar Helmet that was given to them in gratitude for letting them record sounds on the base for the movie "Star Wars".

White Sands National park was beautiful. We had a little rain but not enough to interfere with some playing in the sand.

When we finally arrived at our campground in Carlsbad I was a little dissapointed. First of all, they didn't have our reservation, but they had open spots so no big deal. I apparently had never been to a family Campground/RV park before. Beautiful does not describe it. This turned out to be both my favorite and least favorite campsite of our trip. Least favorite because it lacked nature. . . except for a few trees, a petting zoo and the sounds of many early rising farm animals. The kids enjoyed the turtles right by our tents and the neighborhood cat that visited our tent. The campground was right along the highway so we heard cars and trucks zipping by all night instead of crickets and owls. I slept like a baby though. Warm camping is so much better than cold.

What I did like about it was the clean and free showers so we ended up not having to go too natural afterall. Considering this was during our 3 day stretch of camping I was very grateful for that. I also appreciated the laundry facilities. As Camping/ RV parks go this was probably a good one. I don't have much to compare it to.