Friday, February 13, 2009

Mixed Messages

Last night Joe was very surprised to hear the following conversation between Tim and I at dinner. We have a Webelo in our den who's name is Nathan, who is also one of Joes friends.
K: I am so annoyed with Nathan's character. He used to be good but he made a total 180 degree turn to be a jerk. There is no reason for him to be doing this. It makes no sense. His dad was a jerk and they killed him off so now Nathan has taken his place. It is like they are just playing with our minds. It feels like they are trying to do an experiment, lets just play around and make this person good and this person bad this week and vice versa next week.
J: (hesitantly). . .Are you really going to do an experiment on Nathan?
It occurred to me at this point that Joe assumed we were talking about his friend and our Webelo and had no idea I was discussing Nathan Patrelli on "Heroes"
Poor Joe!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kudos to Artificial Intelligence

I have been very successful with my goal in spending less time on my computer this year. I can't take all the credit though. I think a fan on my CPU is broken because my computer will shut itself off after about 30 to 45 minutes of use. The funny thing is my computer seems to know when I am done with what I need to do. If I am working on my budgeting, or an assignment and catching up on my blog it hasn't turned off. It's always when I start playing around, then my computer knows and shuts off. I love it! Maybe I should start calling my computer HAL. Or #13. It might be just a little too intelligent for my comfort. SPOOKY!

Tim's computer is completely broken so I think our tax return will be going to some newer computers. . . it is ridiculous how cheap it would be to buy MUCH better computers. Ours are pretty out of date. I would like one that turns itself off when I am starting to actually waste my time on it. This one has improved my quality of life more than I can say.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lotion 101

I learned something interesting from our dermatologist that validated all my beliefs about hand lotion. I don't think it helps me, and it didn't because I was using it incorrectly.
I had heard before that lotion works better if you use it right after washing your hands or bathing. I didn't always remember to do it then so I would do it when I would think about it or desperately needed it. I didn't know that if you put lotion on dry skin it actually seals out the moisture. It acts as a barrier to moisture going out and in. So it does more harm than good. Huh! A piece of information that you don't see on most (any?) lotion bottles. I am moving all my lotions next to my sinks I guess. So far I have been impressed with the difference.