Saturday, January 31, 2009

Facebook killed the Blogger Star

Not that I would consider myself a star in anyway. I think it has killed my desire to blog though. Facebook has a bigger audience,all my friends that looked at my blog are on Facebook and many more. I don't feel like I have to write an essay every time I want to make contact with friends either. Is that bad? Not that I am announcing the end of my Blog here. Just explaining my delinquency. I still plan to write, when I have something to say. . . which appears to be not that often these days.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging is Soooo 2008 (and other ramblings on from a not so little woman)

Actually I hope not. It is looking that way for me right now though isn't it? Maybe it is something that is going out with the Bush administration. Maybe I am having a brain freeze with all the below freezing temperatures. I just havn't had a lot of ideas for Blog entrys lately. I apologize for being delinquent. Here is a blog to remind you why it isn't such a bad thing.

I watched "Little Women" with my daughter last night. The one with Susan Sarandon as Marmee and Christian Bale as the Laurie (speaking of being late, yes) last night. I read the book with Elisabeth last year so we wanted to see the movie of course. Very well done. Great acting, great casting, great music. The romance between Joe and Frederich was more believable and less pitiful than the one in "Sense and Sensiblity". I cried . . . a lot. I told Elisabeth I really liked it and she responded "Except you kept crying through it!" Of course I had to explain to her that isn't always a bad thing, unless you are a particular friend of mine who hates to cry during movies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lacking Inspiration

I have not been doing very good on my blog but I guess the good news is I am spending less time in front of my computer and that is a good thing since that is my goal. Tim isn't helping me by introducing me to Pandora. com. If you havn't heard of it is a website where you put in your favorite song or music group/musician and they will create a radio station based on that and find all kinds of songs that are similar. I put in "Crack the Shutters" and found a new musician I really like. Peter Bradley Adams. I am really into acoustic guitar lately. I think I have to give credit to the movie "August Rush" for that. Tim learning to play the guitar doesn't hurt either. Anyway. Here are two clips of some of Adam's songs. The "Angeles" one is so much better on the album recording than in concert but still worth listening to. Enjoy!



Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Joy in the New Year

This year I want to find more Joy in life. I want to do more of the things that actually make me happier. Less of the things that are easy at the moment but make me feel lousy later. I find the most joy in life through my relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and God. It is sometimes hard to balance this with my need to be alone and have my "quality me time. " I think I can improve my relationship with myself by spending my time in better ways.

I want to spend less time sitting in front of the computer, more time keeping my house in good order, so it is more pleasant to be in. I always feel so much more at peace when my home is clean. Work is one of the other sources of great joy in life. The things that bring most happiness in the long run require work now.

I want to spend less time reading to myself when I should be spending more time reading to my kids. I feel content when I know I am spending time with my kids. Granted, I don 't plant on dropping computer time and reading from my life, it brings me a lot of joy, but I need to keep my priorities in order and only do them when I don't have other things that are more important at the time. The days I have spent just reading or in front of a computer , therefore ignoring my house and family are always followed by a feeling of remorse. A feeling I missed out on something important that day.

I want to spend more fun time with my family. Playing games, doing fun activities, talking and working together. It feels like we spend a lot of time together doing the day to day stuff but it is the fun times that seem to really strengthen our relationships. The week between Christmas and New Years day is a special time for our family. Tim takes the week off of work and we dedicate our days to playing games with each other and with friends. This year in particular I came from this so rejuvenated rather than worn from spending so much time with my kids. I think I can take something from this and apply it to the rest of the year. I can't play all day of course but I can play more with my family on a regular basis.

My "me time" could be better spent improving upon myself, reading scriptures, more prayer and meditation. I will come to terms with myself better by coming to my Savior.

I want to improve my relationships with my neighbors. We get along but I am quite the hermit and really don't put myself out there and allow them to get to know who I am. I want to make a greater effort to get to know my friends and neighbors and bless their lives the way they have blessed mine.

It isn't in the "me time" that I will find most joy in life, it is in the "we time" (no not Wii time, although that is a great way to spend "We time" :). . . ) Quiet alone time is important for me, but it is not what is going to bring me happiness in this life.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Carpet Cleaner

I wonder how many other carpet cleaners were bought the morning after a child has thrown up down an entire (carpeted) flight of stairs at 2 a.m.