Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rollercoaster Wuss' Guide to Disneyland/Disney California Adventures Part 2: The Funnest Rides

1. Indiana Jones Adventure-This ride has a a lot of hype and it deserves it! This is just the level of scary for me! What a great mood it sets, and there are only small drops, smaller than Pirates of the Carribean so nothing that freaked me out. There are quick turns that jolt you around but those don't bug me. You are never high up so there are no height issues. You ride in a car four across I think for rows. The set and pathos are equal to Pirates and the Haunted Mansion in my book as well so it is in my book the best ride at Disney Land.

It was the only ride Sam couldn't go on which was strange to me, because it was nowhere as intense as the scary rides we went on, and he was allowed on all of those. We asked why there was a higher height limit and it was explained to us that it was because there were no doors on the car and the car you ride in is high up from the ground so it would be dangerous for smaller children it made sense, but why couldn't they just have added doors dang it? I went on this ride 4 times in 4 days

2. Grizzly River Rapids This ride was at Disney California Adventures. When I saw the drop walking past the ride I got nervous but the drop was nothing when you are in it. It is one of those rides with 8 seats in the inward facing circle position with the wheel in the middle to hold onto. I love the social aspect of the seating because it is easy to share in the fun...seeing everyones expressions and talking the whole time. I loved the choppy and fast parts of the water and I loved the drops (two of them) ...I also loved that before you fall the boat slows and you arent dealing with the speed and drop at the same time, I think that might be what makes me like it rather than be scared by it. On the last day we were there we went on it at night and with the creepy mood in the cave this makes it even more fun. The line is really short after dark so we went on two times in a row. I would have been happy to go more than that if two conditions were different. First the ride makes you VERY wet, second...California is warm in August , but it cools down after dark, so you go around feeling like a walking swamp cooler afterwards. Hence, the short line after dark. If you bring a Poncho this shouldn't be an issue. It was worth being wet though, no question! We rode this one 4 times.
3. Soarin' over California- This one is also in Disney California. The descriptions of this ride made me nervous unncecessarily. I knew that It was an omni-dome (curveed I-max) that makes it look like you are flying over California and I knew I would love that. What made me nervous was that the ride description at the park says "Sudden drops" and someone I talked to made it sound like you are in individual chairs that rise up high. I was picturing those swings they have at some amusement parks where you are being help up by for chains and swung around a pole. That is MUCH worse than any roller coaster I can imagine. Here is the scoop.

There are benches of about 8 people. You are buckled in, The benches are brought up to meet the screen on large tracks so you feel very secure. Heights don't bother me if I feel secure. Your feet dangle and the chairs move very subtley but if you have to close your eyes it wont freak you out. There are no actual sudden drops. Only if you are watching the movie. The first time I rode this ride it made me a little nervous to watch straight on at first, with the fast and high movement on the screen, but by the second time I was quite comfortable and loved it! I rode this one twice. Next blog will be about classics and kid rides and attractions .

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