Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Switch

Primary is the longest two hours of the week for me. Do you want to know why? Well. . first of all I am the Sunbeam teacher but, you will never guess who my hardest class member is. Sam!! My sweet mild mannered, easy going, smiling Sam. Something happens to that boy in primary. He misbehaves and cries and squirms and just acts out like crazy. I know it is because I am his teacher, but I am his Mom too. . that doesn't effect his behavior the rest of the week.

Ironically my son Lincoln who knows my buttons and pushes them frequently, gets praises from his Primary teacher on an almost weekly basis about how quiet he is and well behaved.

I think they must do some sort of "Freaky Friday" switch or Alfred Hitchcock . "Criss Cross" deal. . . "Lets pretend to be eachother!"

Sam is even an angel in Sacrament meeting. The transition takes place as he enters the Primary room. And the second we get home he is back to his sweet self. . but it does take him a little time to wind back to that. The transition is almost instantaneous both ways.


Shell said...

You shouldn't have to be your child's primary teacher. That just isn't fair to either of you.

And I cannot imagine Sam being a pill. He is the sweetest boy ever and always has been.

Sarah said...

It is so hard to be your own kid's Primary teacher. He'll move up in January, right? You just have to tough it out until then?

Amber Rae said...

Sunday nursery is the hardest 2 hours of the week for me too. And it's because of Topaz and Emerald too but thats not as suprising as Sam. It must just be the having to share his mommy.

B.K. Stanley said...

That is a surprise about Sam. You just never know what teachers (mothers) are enduring, do you?

Rebekah said...

I totally understand. I hear all these comments about how well behaved Lauren is in Primary and at school, but I remember what she did while I was in the Primary Presidency and trying to teach sharing time. I deserve it though, apparently I did the same thing to my mom in nursery.