Monday, November 02, 2009

This is Halloween

My poor kids were bombarded with Halloween movies this last week. One of them was Nightmare Before Christmas and the song "This is Halloween" is now one of Sam's favorites.

I wont list the other movies I showed my kids because I am not sure you wouldn't find me an unfit parent. Nothing R rated. Nothing slasher. Nothing violent. I can't handle that stuff. Just the spooky ghost kinds of stuff. Some were a little scary, but I was careful. . .for my kids. I think my kids have a healthy appreciation for a good creepy horror movie. Lets just say that. Or maybe unhealthy as the case may be. They want MORE! They loved them.

Here are the Halloween Costume pictures you are all looking at the blog to see.
Joe was Abraham Lincoln, Elisabeth was a black cat, Lincoln and Ninja, Sam and Jedi, Tim and I Star Trek people. Tim got all the cool props.

Next are the Jack O' Lanterns. First Tim's

Joe's Jack I' Lantern. . . with Windows!

Sam's Frankenstein

Lincolns's Ninja lantern. See how just the eyes are showing? It was Lincoln's own design.

Here is my attempt at a house

And Elisabeths Cat O'Lantern


Robin said...

Wow--cool costumes AND cool jack o' lanterns! I esp. like the jack I-lantern! Was that Joe's own idea, too? Looks like you all had a fun Halloween!

Beth said...

I LOVE your star trek dress! I may have to steal that idea for next year. I'm jealous of your jack o lanterns too. we didn't have time to carve our pumpkins this year. But hey at least we can call them autumn decor now!

Kristin said...

The design was Joes Idea and own workmanship, but the name for it was mine. His was the talented part.

Sarah said...

Great costumes! Yeah, the red-shirt doesn't get killed when she's involved with the captain!

B.K. Stanley said...

Look's like your Halloween was Spook-tacular. Love all your creativity.